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At MyPrettyCurve.com, we believe that women of all sizes can be a turn head cat walk model at a reasonable price. We offer clothes that flatter any plus size figures and shapes and not just a pile of clothes covering the body. We want to help every woman to feel attractive, confident and sexy. Yet, we do not believe in paying high prices for it. Fashion should be for everybody, and not just for those who can afford it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If You Have A Small Chest

Go for a soft boned Jezebel bustier. This has cups to give you a nice push-up and create a little bit more bust up top. It's very sexy. then again, On Gossamer is also great if you have a very small bust, because it will seamlessly increase you by an entire cup size. It's like magic. I mean, you don't want to look liek you're wearing a bustier bra. people will immediately know you're flat chested. You want something that will give you what you need without it being obvious, and to that end, a camithat reaches to just below the rib cage can be both bust- enhancing and very stylish.

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